Phone Seminar Recordings

Phone Seminar Recordings



November 9, 2015

Medicaid Update:

  1. 60 month divestment rule
  2. The increasing importance of using MAPTS (Legacy Trusts) to protect assets
  3. Long-Term Care insurance hybrid policies
  4. Michigan Long-Term Care Insurance Partnership
      Medicaid Update

January 12, 2016

Deed Planning to Protect Your Home,
Camp, and Cottage

  1.  Medicaid spend down
  2. Uncapping property tax in Michigan
  3. Probate avoidance
  4. Income tax-free inheritance
  5. Children’s life problems
  6. Control
      Deed Planning to Protect Your Home, Camp and Cottage

February 8, 2016

Planning for a Long Term Care Event

  1. Home Health
  2. Assisted Living
  3. Nursing Home
  4. Medicaid
  5. Medicare
  6. VA Benefits
      Planning for a Long Term Care Event

March 8, 2016

When Should I Update My Estate Plan?

  1. Changes is family structure
  2. Real Estate purchase
  3. Changed your state of residence
  4. Started, acquired, or sold a business
  5. Received an inheritance
      When Should I Update My Estate Plan

April 12, 2016

Why Young Families and College Students Need Estate Planning?

1.  Structure an inheritance for young children.
2.  Appoint a guardian for minors.
3.  So you can talk to your adult children’s doctor.
4.  Avoid probate for your child.

      Why Young Families and College Students Need Estate Planning

May 3, 2016

Wisconsin Estate Recovery Medicaid Waiver.

In 2014, the rules regulating the Wisconsin Estate Recovery program were updated to allow Medicaid and other long-term care insurance programs to recover funds from recipients after they have passed on by claiming parts of their estates.

There are certain circumstances under which an individual’s heir, beneficiary, or business partner may apply for a waiver to prevent the program from seizing money from his or her estate.

      Wisconsin Estate Recovery Medicaid Waiver

May 10, 2016

What is an Asset Protection Trust and Why do You Need One?

1.  Learn how you can protect your assets.
2.  Immediate eligibility for special VA pensions.
3.  Future eligibility for nursing home Medicaid.
4.  Protect investments and your camp/cottage.

      What is an Asset Protection Trust and Why do You Need One

June 14, 2016

Estate Planning for People with Disabilites

  1. The advantages of an ABLE account – a new tax-sheltered savings account.
  2. The WIPA program’s goals – Social Security designed assistance program.
  3. Appropriate estate planning documents.
      Estate Planning for People with Disabilities


July 12, 2016

How VA Aid and Attendance Can Pay for a Veteran’s Long-Term Care Costs

  1. If you are a war-time veteran, you can receive up to $2,100 per month for home health care or assisted living costs through VA Aid and Attendance.
  2. Learn about the disability, income and asset qualification rules.
  3. Learn about the new proposed VA rules that may restrict this benefit with a three year look-back.
      How VA Aid and Attendance Can Pay for a Veteran's Long-Term Care Costs

August 9, 2016

Protecting Your Digital Assets

1.  What are digital assets?
2.  How to prepare and maintain a personal digital inventory
3.  How to update and back up your digital inventory regularly
4.  How to update your Estate Planning Documents to cover your digital assets


September 13, 2016

Planning for Retirement & Your Elder Care Journey

1.  Who will take care of you on your Elder Care Journey?
2.  How will you remain independent as you age?
3.  Can you afford Long Term Care?
4.  How to decipher the complexities of Long Term Care insurance and when should you purchase it?