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pdf_small How to Give Loved Ones a Tax-Free Inheritance

pdf_small Life Estates A Powerful Deed Option with Traps

pdf_small NAELA News Featured Attorney Robert C. Anderson: Making a Difference in Client’s Lives

pdf_small How to End Beneficiary Fights: Using Effective No-Contest and other Specialty Clauses

pdf_small Using a Legacy Trust for Medicaid Planning in 2015

pdf_small Thanks to Public Act 310 of 2014

pdf_small What is a Certificate of Trust?

pdf_small Estate Planning for People Without Children: The Risks Count Up

pdf_small How to Use Jimmo to Advocate for Extension of Medicare Benefits

pdf_small New Uncapping Exemption for Certain Family Members

pdf_smallRecent Michigan Tax Tribunal Decision

pdf_smallLion Cub Deed Approved by Tax Tribunal

pdf_smallProtecting Michigan Cottages and Camps From Medicaid Spend Down and Tax Increases

pdf_smallNaming a Trust as Beneficiary of an IRA

pdf_smallClient Maintenence Programs

pdf_smallMI Supreme Courts Klooster Decision Offers Property Tax Relief for Cottages and Camps

pdf_smallMichigan Medicaid wants to Take Your Home

pdf_smallNew Medicaid Regulation Attacks Joint Property

pdf_smallPreserving the Story of a Lifetime Your Ethical Will

pdf_smallSnowbirds Beware!

pdf_smallThe Conversation You Need to Have Over the Holidays

pdf_smallThe Greatest Gift to Give When You’re Gone

pdf_small What is the Most Important Thing to Leave Your Children

pdf_small Beware of the Free Lunch Seminar Scam!

pdf_small Is It Ethical to Ask the State to Pay for Your Nursing Home Bill?

pdf_small Ethical Will Kit

pdf_small How to Avoid Scams

pdf_small Pet Trusts

pdf_small Can You Afford the Elder Care Journey?

pdf_smallIs a Reverse Mortgage Right For You?

pdf_small State Bar of Michigan Real Property Law Section: How Klooster and Recent Medicaid

Changes Impact Deed Planning

pdf_small Estate Planning for Young Families

pdf_smallTraining the Next in Charge

pdf_small How to Respond to the VA’s Recent Challenge to Transfers

pdf_small The Elder Law Firm of Anderson Associates April 2012 Newsletter

pdf_small Training the Next in Charge

pdf_small What is Reasonable Compensation for Your Successor Trustee?

pdf_small Tax Aspects of Establishing a Revocable Living Trust