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Email Disclaimer

Electronic mail may not be confidential. You should never send confidential or sensitive information by electronic mail except when you have a pre-existing relationship with the person to whom you are sending the communication, and that person has a contractual or other legal obligation to keep the communication confidential, and you have taken steps to encrypt the e-mail so that a third person who may intercept it cannot read it. You should recognize that electronic mail may be stored and forwarded through several computer systems, and it is possible that someone may (illegally) read your e-mail and disclose it to someone.

Do not provide any confidential information to someone by electronic mail or voice mail if you are not certain that they will maintain the information as confidential. If you are seeking legal advice and you send e-mail or leave a message for an attorney whom you have not already retained, you may later discover that this attorney represents someone else in the same case, and the attorney may have a duty to disclose your information to that client. Although communications between an attorney and client are confidential, your communication is not confidential if you are not the attorney’s client or if your communication is made in a setting where others are likely to receive it.

Deadlines are extremely important in most legal matters. You may lose important legal rights if you do not hire an attorney immediately to advise you with your legal needs. Many people, including many attorneys, do not check their e-mail daily, and some attorneys do not respond to unsolicited e-mail from non-clients.